Gyms and fitness centres can really be intimidating with all of the rows of equipment available for use. But once you get a hang of it and you and eventually choose out your favourite equipment from the bunch, you will be a gym fiend in no time. But if you have not chosen yet, we will list down the most commonly used equipment and their target areas so you can figure out what type of workouts you would incorporate to your routine and even try at home.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes focus on working out the lower body. While there are spin classes that help you target other areas, including the arms and the core, to be engaged through bending forward or doing various upper body movements, exercise bikes, on its purest form, targets the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. At most, if using a spin bike (instead of an upright one), a little bit of lower abdomen workout can be expected. But in summary, if you are trying to do a leg day, this machine would be perfect to add in your repertoire.


Target areas for dumbbells actually depend on how you use them because it is such a free moving device that it is up to you to determine where to put in the effort. There is also such a large variety of dumbbells and weights to choose from that using dumbbell sets can help you to either tone or build muscles with these, more information can be found on this page. Because this equipment is so versatile, you can easily store them at home if you are wanting to a light home workout, or you can use heavier weights found at a gym. The most common target area however is that it works out the chest, the shoulders, triceps, and biceps. The simple arm curl-ups and deadlifts already engages the entire arm, so these devices work best if you want to have toned biceps.

The Cross Trainers

Much like the exercise bikes, cross trainers focus on the lower body as well. Whenever the legs are pushing the pedal backward, the hamstrings are engaged; when pushing forward, the quadriceps come to play. The cross trainer is almost parallel to an upright bike (add the handled) so the same target areas are affected by these machines.


As for treadmills, there is pretty much just one area engaged. It works the hamstrings and quadriceps. For a more intense workout, programming the machine at an incline will put more strain to these muscles. In addition, it also targets the hips and butts because these two provide support and carries the effort when kicking off the treadmill belt.

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines are an all-around workout equipment. However, its edge towards the others in this list is that one of its main target areas is the core. Aside from the arms and the legs, the core is pretty much engaged throughout the entire workout because your abdominal muscles are constantly worked out from the repetitive rowing motion - wherein the user pushes back the seat using efforts from both the legs and the core. If you want to move your workout away from the gym and are looking for fitness equipment to complete your own home gym then you should visit this website and browse the range of available equipment.

Smith machines

These are amazing for building strength. Because it is pretty versatile wherein you can use to squat or bench press, it will target both your upper and lower body. It may be an all-around workout machine but it does not simultaneously engage all of your muscles but rather it works by focusing on one muscle group. So you can work on your glutes by squatting with the weights on your shoulders or you can work out your arms by using it for assisted pull-ups.